FAIR DO Cookbook

A collection of recipes for realizing FAIR Digital Objects.

The FAIR DO Cookbook

If you plan to enter the realm of FAIR Digital Objects, the FAIR DO Cookbook could be worth reading. This collection of small recipes offers guidance and advice on different aspects related to FAIR DOs. Among others, there are recipes on how to:

To head over directly to the FAIR DO Cookbook, please use the external link in the navigation on the left. Otherwise, you may want to start with one of the topics below.

More Information

For some recipes, services from the FAIR Data Commons portfolio are used. If you need more information about a particular service, please refer to the according sub-page accessible via the Service Overview.

Request for Recipe

If you miss a certain recipe and you want to share your idea, please create a New Recipe Issue and we'll get in touch with you.

Looking for Code?

In case you are interested in source-code, check out the GitHub Repository of the FAIR DO Cookbook.