Explore the facets of FAIR Digital Objects.



Using FAIR-DOscope is relatively straightforward. On the upper left you’ll find an input field for typing in PIDs of FAIR DOs. After clicking the magnifying glass, the PID is resolved, its PID record is presented in the table on the lower left and the PID graph of (directly) referenced FDOs is drawn to the right.

You may now click a single nodes in the PID graph to navigate to related FDOs. If new relationships are detected, the graph will be extended dynamically. Alternatively, opening FDO links (marked with a pointer icon) in the table will have the same effect. Other external links, e.g., links to data types, data, or other digital assets present as URL, are opened in a new browser tab.

Last, but not least, For the PID record table you can switch between two modes: