A Research Data Repository Service for Managing Metadata Documents based on JSON or XML.

The MetaStore Service

MetaStore is a metadata repository framework that greatly simplifies the management of large volumes of metadata documents. Metadata documents are registered and given a unique identifier, formally quality-controlled and persistently stored. Furthermore, the stored metadata documents can be versioned, retrieved and searched via machine-actionable RESTful interfaces. By assigning PIDs (external tool), metadata documents can be prepared for FAIR principles.

The structure of each metadata document is formally described by a schema. The internal schema registry manages the metadata schemas (currently XML and JSON) by registering new schemas, persistent storage, versioning and access to stored schemas. In the MetaStore, all metadata documents are associated with a registered metadata schema. At ingest, all metadata documents are formally quality checked by validating them against the schema.



In case you want to have a quick try of MetaStore without any configuration effort, check out our Docker Images. You'll get a pre-configured instance which can be customized later on according to your preferences.

Further Reading

If you want to read more before you give MetaStore a try, check out the different documents grouped by audience. There you can learn more about the RESTful API, the Usage, or the Installation.

Looking for Code?

In case you are interested in source-code, check out the GitHub Repository of MetaStore. There you can also open an Issue to report a bug or to request a new feature.

Quickstart Framework (Linux only)

In case you want to have a quick try of MetaStore framework without any configuration effort, check out our docker compose file. You'll get a pre-configured instance with a UI and support for search via elasticsearch. Take a look at this site for further information.