Typed PID Maker

A REST-Gateway to typed PIDs.

The Typed PID Maker

The Typed PID Maker is an entry point to integrate digital resources into the FAIR Digital Object (FAIR DO) ecosystem. It allows creating PIDs for resources and to provide them with the necessary metadata to ensure that the resources can be found and understood. As a result, a machine-readable representation of all kinds of research artifacts allows act on such FAIR Digital Objects which present themselves as PID, e.g., , but carry much more than just a pointer to a landing page.

In order to do so, it requires write-access to a PID service (sometimes called a “Prefix”). It will then abstract away the complexity of such systems and provide a simple, unified REST interface for applications. Via this interface, PIDs can be created, updated (maintained), resolved and validated. Validation requires access to a public Data Type Registry (DTR), compatible with the ePIC DTR, which is pre-configured. Creating and updating PIDs using the Typed PID Maker will always validate the PID records content before doing so. Validation requires a PID Record to contain an attribute, indicating a Profile. A Profile describes rules for the PID record, like mandatory and optional attributes.

If PID validation fails, the PID will not be created or updated to keep the quality of FAIR DOs high. This is a huge benefit for research, as this ensures the FAIR DOs maintain a consistent quality and machine-actionability. The REST interface eases the integration in arbitrary software systems. Via the standardized AMQP protocol, created or modified PIDs can be distributed to other systems.

The system follows the RDA Recommendations on PID Information Types.



The Typed PID Maker is stable and production-ready. The banner at the top shows the current version. Besides maintenance, there are further plans (excerpt/directions):