A Generic, General Purpose Research Data Repository Service.

The base-repo Service

The base-repo is a generic, general purpose research data repository service offering clear, machine-actionable RESTful interfaces for storing, retrieving and managing research data. Its purpose is to provide a low entrance barrier for research data management by keeping things as complex as necessary but as flexible as possible. Through the use of established technologies, i.e., software frameworks like Spring Boot, and broadly accepted standards, i.e., DataCite as base metadata standard, we provide a secure, maintainable and interoperable basis for entering the field of research data management.



In case you want to have a quick try of base-repo without any configuration effort, check out our Docker Images. You'll get a pre-configured instance which can be customized later on according to your preferences.

Further Reading

If you want to read more before you give base-repo a try, check out the different documents grouped by audience. There you can learn more about the RESTful API, the Usage, or the Installation.

Looking for Code?

In case you are interested in source-code, check out the GitHub Repository of base-repo. There you can also open an Issue to report a bug or to request a new feature.