A configurable FAIR DO blueprint architecture.


The FAIR DO Lab is a configurable structure of services to fulfill generic FAIR Digital Object (FAIR DO) use cases. It is a proposal for research which can be configured and extended to specific needs. As the FAIR DO Lab is easy to run on local computers and its default configuration offers a sandboxed PID service, it is therefore also suited to serve developers as a testing environment.

As its core, it uses the Typed PID Maker, which then will notify other services about its actions, so they can automatically react to those. For example, an indexer service will put new or changed record information into a search engine without any human interaction required.

The FAIR DO Lab is based on its predecessor, the FAIR DO Testbed, which was introduced at the RDA Virtual Plenary 17 Poster Session. In contrast to it, the FAIR DO Lab aims for production ready software rather than experimentation.



Currently, the FAIR DO Lab contains services which are not production-ready. While the development can be followed on GitHub, here are the most important points which are planned in near future: